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Philadelphia Orchestra - Tosca


…Jennifer Rowley, who made a suitably volatile diva, all petty jealousies, tempestuous outbursts and coy pieties in Act 1, (the comedy of the sexes was played to good effect), and in a very different way, tempestuous and passionate in the second and third acts, as avenger, lover and victim. I particularly liked the orchestra’s relationship with her voice: the gusts and the swells of sound seemed marvelously matched.

Hilary Stroh, Bachtrack (May 13, 2018)

“In the role of Floria Tosca, soprano Jennifer Rowley… provided a solid vocal interpretation and interesting portrayal of the Roman diva… her voice revealed a piercing upper register complete with rock solid high Cs, ample legato phrasing and chest for days. She also moved well onstage and had a clear sense of how to make Tosca appear more sympathetic, playing her with a spontaneity and youthful earnestness that downplayed the character’s volatile temper.”

OperaWire (May 16, 2018)

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