|  Critical Acclaim

Nashville Opera - Tosca

Tracy Monaghan, Schmopera

The first question always is “Well, how was the Tosca?” and ours was remarkable. Jennifer Rowley slated to sing the role again at the Met in January, was very clearly the star of the night. As Floria Tosca, Ms. Rowley gets many things so right: her profound and comprehensive interpretation gives Tosca an organic, complex richness. Ms. Rowley’s skill for acting is eclipsed only by her formidable and acutely controlled, exciting voice. The soprano drew me in every time she sang pianissimo, which somehow remained beautiful, even, and round, and I was fully rapt (and like ugly crying with a broken heart) by the end of Ms. Rowley’s exquisite “Vissi d’arte”. If you ever get the chance to see her, absolutely do yourself that kindness.

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