Debut in the title role of Mayr's ‘Medea in Corinto’ at Teatro Nuovo

Will Crutchfield’s newly formed summer festival, Teatro Nuovo, will feature Jennifer Rowley in her title role debut of Giovanni Simone Mayr’s Greek tragedy Medea in Corinto. With performances on July 29 and August 4, Jennifer will lead audiences through a semi-staged production of the tragic story of the barbarian princess Medea as she seeks revenge against her unfaithful husband Giasone. Co-directed by harpsichordist Jonathan Brandani and first violinist Jakob Lehman, this heart-wrenching opera will feature Teresa Castillo as Creusa, Derrek Stark as Giasone, Mingjie Lei as Egeo, William Lee Bryan as Creonte, Elena Snow as Ismene, Junhan Choi as Tideo, and Christopher Bozeka as Evandro with the Teatro Nuovo Chorus and Orchestra. Giovanni Simone Mayr is best known as the teacher of Donizetti as well as the “missing link” between Mozart and Rossini. With almost 70 operas composed during his lifetime, his composition of the greek princess Medea in Corinto is his most successful.

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