Savonlinna Opera Festival - Donna Anna, Don Giovanni

Jennifer Rowley captured Donna Anna's anguish and conflicting emotions with a magnificently vibrant voice."
- Opera Now, Karyl Charna Lynn, Jan 1, 2012

"Young Jennifer Rowley is a movingly sublime Donna Anna, drifting to the borderline of madness and singing dazzlingly beautifully and nobly in her lyrical soprano, which also has a dramatic radiance."
- Helsingin Sanomat, Hannu-Ilari Lampila, July 3, 2011

”Jennifer Rowley’s uninhibited spellbinding performance is a rare treat in these waters. Burning with emotions of love and the torment of disappointments and betrayal, her figure dominates the stage regally… Such apt and well-projected gesturing, including flickering of the eyes, is hard to find. Her soprano has strength and breadth, and an indescribable richness of tone.”
- Uutispäivä Demari, Matti Saurama, July 5, 2011

"...of a cast made of good performers, among them stood out the complex and fascinating, dramatically and vocally, Jennifer Rowley as Donna Anna..."
- ArtistallOpera, Serenella Gragnani, July 19, 2011

”Jennifer Rowley’s soprano(Donna Anna)sounds rich and vibrant.”
- Turun Sanomat, July 3, 2011